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Competition Horses

Fly high buddy! You were my number one guy, that took me to my first event when I was 12 yrs old and took me all the way up the levels and gave me a taste of what the upper level was like! You taught me so many lessons and taught me how to work hard for what I wanted and go chase after my dreams! You were always there for me through all my teenage years, when I always needed a buddy to lean on and talk to! I still look back and remember all the late nights after softball practice of me pulling you out of the pasture and riding under the lights at 9pm, but we had to get our practice and rides in some how.  You have lived a wonderful life buddy and have touched so many lives in your years! Rest In Peace Max, you will always hold such a special place in my heart forever and ever!

Past Competition Horses

None at this time!


To the max

Horses For Sale ​

  • 1994-2017
  • AKA Max
  • OTTB
  • 16.1 hh
  • Competed through the Preliminary Level
  • Kelsey sold in 2010  

stay tuned

Peanut has brought me so many smiles and so much joy over the past three years. The little pony that could and would! He was the most versatile horse you will ever meet! He defeated so many odds and excelled in everything he did! Sweet Peanut will always hold such a special place in my heart! Rock on Peanut with everything you will do in the future! Thank you Georgie Sutton for sharing this special pony with me!

  • SOLD
  • QH
  • Born in 2007
  • 14.2 hh
  • Competed through the Training level 
  • Competed in Barrel Racing

Little Red Korvette   

Revel has been Kelsey's number 1 partner since 2009 and has brought her through the levels. Revel is a fancy mover and will jump anything! he gave Kelsey a taste of what the upper levels were like. They were very successful at the prelim level and had 12 starts at the intermediate level. They also brought home a 4th place finish at their first cic*! Kelsey made the hard decision to retire her best friend from the upper levels, now Kelsey is just enjoying competing Revel at the Training level and they have their sites set on AECs 2017! 

  • Hanoverian
  • Born in 2004
  • 16.3 hh
  • Competed at the Intermediate Level and CIC* 
  • Owned by Kelsey Harvill 


​​Sye is a neat young horse to work with. He was broke by Kelsey in 2014, this youngster has excelled quickly and is such a fun easy ride. He was the 2015 Into level dressage Champion! Sye just began his eventing career in 2016. Great mover, jumping machine, and great overall attitude! Sye was sold to a young rider in Arkansas and they now will start developing a partnership! Great things will come from this pair! Good luck Maggie, wish you lots of blue ribbions and success! 

  • SOLD 
  • AKA Syrus
  • Zweibrucker
  • Born in 2012
  • 16.1 hh
  • Competing at the BN level  

Life of sye

HITCH IS A LOVELY horse with tons of potential to excel in eventing. He has a very solid dressage background and has tons of suspension and lovely movements. Hitch is a brave jumper with scope to go all the way, a real go getter. There are high hopes for this young guy to excel through the levels! This lovely horse was sold to a professional in California where they will excel as a great team! Good luck Hitch and Emilie!!  

  • SOLD
  • OTTB
  • Born in 2009
  • 16.1 hh
  • Competed at the Novice Level

Without a Hitch